Preparing And Sending Art To Us

Artist DrawingsArt
We will gladly create finished art for your customization project from a rough sketch or just a verbal description of what you have in mind.

Our integrated art department utilizes PC platforms. Our printing art is created on Intel i7 processors.
We can print any type of screen seperations as well as large format seps .

We also run PC's with tailored programs for our embroidery, engraving, and sign operations. All of our computers utilize
Adobe CS5.5 software programs.

Approving Art

We will E-Mail art for approval at your request. We attach a .jpg, .bmp, or .tif file that has been compressed, (.zip for PC). Most users will have to download and save the file to their computer before expanding the file to view the art.

Please remember that colors may vary from one computer monitor to another.
We can also fax your artwork for approval, and you are more than welcome to stop in and discuss changes with us.

When replying to an e-mail, please reply to not from which the proof was sent. This address (
is not checked regularly and could delay your order.

Customer-Supplied Art

For customers who wish to supply their own art, our preferred files are Adobe Illustrator or .eps.

Due to the size limitations of some E-Maill systems, we prefer that customers sending electronic files use our FTP (File Transfer Protocol) service. Instructions and guidelines are available on our FTP page.

Although we are currently using Adobe Illustrator CS5.5, we ask that you save your files down to Adobe Illustrator 8. This helps reduce conflicts within the program.

Please convert all fonts to outlines to prevent conflicts and to that your choice of font is accurately conveyed from your computer to ours. We also ask that you include a .jpg file of your art so that we can be sure your digital art has arrived correctly.

Keep in mind that a .jpg, .tif, .bmp, or .gif image that is placed in an illustrator file is not vector art and will most likely have to be recreated. If in doubt whether we will be able to use your media, art burned to a CD-R works almost every time. Paper copies, either black and white or color, also help to ensure your finished art is exactly what you want.

Remember we will gladly create art from virtually any original you supply, or a verbal description of what you have in mind.

If in doubt about any artwork specification, please contact your customer service representative.

Types of files we prefer:

• Adobe Illustrator • Most .eps files • Adobe Photoshop • Most .pdf files

Types of files we can create art from:

• Jpg • Tif • Bmp • Gif • PNG

Types of files we cannot use:

• Quark (any version) • Microsoft Word • Microsoft Powerpoint • Microsoft Publisher • Microsoft Paint • Microsoft Excel • Adobe Pagemaker •Printshop